Liam - Discord Bump Bot

Liam is our all in one Discord bump bot used in over 6,000 servers to help grow yours. Add it to your server to start growing.

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The Discord Server Bump Bot

Liam is the all in one bump bot for your Discord server! Operated and owned by AYS it can help you grow to the top!

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How it Works

Understand the backbone behind Liam.

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1. You bump your server

Bump your server to have it spread across all the servers Liam is in with the /bump command.

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2. The bump is distributed

The bot will then distribute your server bump in every bump channel across all the servers it's in.

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3. Sit back & relax

Once your bump is finished, all you have to do is sit back, relax and wait for the results: the growth in members!

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Huge Outreach

When you bump your server with Liam, you have a huge outreach as Liam bumps it to every server it's in (over 6k as of now), allowing for a huge potential of members.

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Safest Solution out there

Liam is one of the safest & trusted bump bots out there, but why is that? This is because we have been in the bump bot industry for over 3 years and know the ins and outs of bumping. You're in good hands with us!

Feel the need for speed?


Premium is a way of supporting the development behind Liam whilst getting perks that help your server bump stand out from the crowd! When you upgrade to Liam Premium, you get:

  • Custom Embed Banner
  • Custom Embed Color
  • Access to Priority Support
  • Premium Advertising on our Advertising Server
  • and more...

$2 / month

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Tutorial Video

Need some help? This tutorial video should help! Information desk person