The #1 Discord Server, to Advertise Yours!

We are the #1 Discord Server, to Advertise Yours! Our aim is to be the leading server that helps other servers and owners in AYS grow and develop. We facilitate your stay with custom bump bots (operated by us), embed generators, tutorial videos & more.

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What is Advertise Your Server?

AYS is one of the largest growth consoltation community development organisations. We help communities of all shapes and sizes in their journey to better themselves, we work one on one with users, staff as well as community leaders. AYS began in the middle of 2017: the Discord platform itself. That is how we started and how we got here today. There are photos of the server from when it only had around 10 members, this is history and shows how far we have come.

Perfect for Anyone

Looking for a community to join? Pick the one that tickles your fancy. If you can't find one, staff/members will assist in finding one. Want to advertise your server/community? You have a wide variety of channels to choose from.

Hundreds of Categories

AYS has over 200+ channels to advertise in. More than other advertising servers, making us the ideal choice to advertise your server/look for one. Ranging from small community servers to Gaming, there's a choice for everyone.

Best Advertising Server

AYS is the automatic choice for advertising/searching for Discord servers. We have over 3 years experience and are one of the first advertising Discord servers on the platform. We know what we are doing!

Boost Our Server & Get Perks

Holding off a spare server boost? Use it for Advertise Your Server!

  • Liam Premium(our own Bump Bot)
  • Premium Advertising Access
  • Help server gain perks
  • Cozy feeling when you go to bed :)

We have over 30+ boosters enjoying our perks. Become one of them today and make that spare boost count.

What Can You Advertise?

The server was founded originally as a way to advertise your discord server, but we added more categories to diverisfy the selection of channels you can choose from.


Discord Servers


Game Servers

Social Media

Facebook Pages

Steam Groups

YT Channels


Twitch Channels

Soundcloud Pages

Twitter Profiles/Tweets




Roblox Groups/Games

Minecraft Servers

GMOD Servers

CS:GO Servers

R6S Servers

Fortnite Servers

Premium Advertising (donators/boosters only, but higher ranking)

Certified Servers

Partner Advertising

Community Servers

We are constantly updating our range of advertising categories, so there may be some categories not listed on here. Join today!

What are you waiting for?

Join an active community of 57,045 members and counting: advertising & finding new communities.

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