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Advertise anything: from Discord servers of any topic to social media and so much more.

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AYS has always been the go-to Discord server whether you're advertising your server: hence the name, or looking for a server. We are recommended constantly by others and are one of the biggest advertising servers on Discord itself with 80K+ members and nearly 4 years of experience. You're in good hands with us.

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Get help for your server

Alongside having a lot of advertisement channels, we also have a dedicated category dedicated to helping you grow your server: allowing you to ask/answer questions in regards to server growth & Discord. You can also find partners, staff hires, etc.

Not just an advertising server

Our goal at AYS is to help online communities on many different platforms thrive as well as help businesses get an online community started. We also like to help communities get awesome staff through specialised training and development. At the end of the day building communities is what we do.

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What are you waiting for?

See why over 80K members and counting choose AYS for their needs.

Dedicated Support Team

We operate AYS Support, powered by our staff working in multiple departments. Whether you need a partnership, growth advice or just have a simple question.

No Unnecessary Pings

Unlike other advertising servers, we will never @everyone or @here/DM you for any user advertisements, paying member or not.

More Than Discord Servers

Our advertising server also facilitates the advertising of social media profiles/pages as well, ranging from Instagram, Reddit, Fiverr, TikTok and so much more...

Home to a Community

Don't feel like advertising? That's completely fine! We also have lounging areas that are active during the day. Come and say hi!

Operating Services

We also operate numerous websites and Discord bots throughout the network, from our server or bot listing website to bump bots.

Organic Growth Only

Our core belief - ever since AYS has started back in 2017 and upheld to this very day is using organic growth methods which reward long-lasting & active members.

What Can You Advertise?

From Discord servers, to social media pages and anything else inbetween: and with a potential outreach of over 80K+ members, you're in the right hands.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to the most common questions we receive.

How do I advertise?

It's simple! Once you join our Discord server, scroll down the channel list until you reach the category named ADVERTISE HERE. Once you reach this category, you can post your server advertisement in all of the channels within that category.

How do I partner with your server?

We have set requirements for partnering with AYS, which are located in the #requirements channel on our Partnership category inside of our server. If you meet the requirements, you can simply DM AYS Support and ask to partner!

Are there any perks for boosting the server?

Yes, there is! For boosting once, you receive Liam Premium, Premium Advertising Access, an upped limit of 7 advertisements a day and 4,000 server currency that can be used in our shop.

Where do I advertise my games?

You can advertise your game servers in our sister server, Advertise Your Games. It revolves around game servers and dedicated categories for certain games such as the different types of Minecraft servers and so forth.

Can I advertise my Discord bot?

You can in our sister server, Advertise Your Bot. It's dedicated for bots, and has more categories that you can advertise in that may suit your bot better than just a simple #discord-bots channel in our server.

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What are you waiting for?

See why over 80K members and counting choose AYS for their needs.